Explore the Best Bible Journaling Supplies: Tools for your Faith

best bible journaling supplies

Bible journaling is a creative practice that enhances your spiritual journey by combining artwork and personal reflections with scripture in a journaling Bible. It provides a unique and meaningful way to engage with God’s Word, allowing you to express your thoughts, emotions, and interpretations through artistic means. To make the most of this practice, it’s important to have the right tools for your faith.

Key Takeaways:

  • Choose a journaling Bible with ample journaling space and thicker pages, like the NLT Reflections Bible.
  • Inexpensive and non-bleeding markers, such as Crayola Super Tips, are perfect for adding vibrant colors to your Bible pages.
  • Micron Pens are ideal for fine detail work and writing in your Bible without the risk of ink bleeding through.
  • Decorative and easy-to-remove Washi Tape can add a touch of creativity to your Bible journaling without damaging the pages.
  • Use a date stamp to mark meaningful entries or passages in your Bible, allowing you to easily track your spiritual journey.

These are just a few of the best Bible journaling supplies available. Each individual has their own unique style and preferences, so explore the options and find the tools that resonate with your creative expression and enhance your spiritual experience.

The NLT Reflections Bible: Ideal for Journaling Space and Thickness

The NLT Reflections Bible is a highly recommended option for Bible journaling enthusiasts looking for a journaling Bible with ample space for creativity and thicker pages to prevent ink bleed-through. This Bible provides the perfect canvas for expressing your faith in a visually artistic way, allowing you to add your own interpretations, reflections, and illustrations alongside the scriptures.

One of the standout features of the NLT Reflections Bible is its generous journaling space. Each page offers wide margins, providing plenty of room for you to unleash your creativity and make your mark within the pages of God’s Word. Whether you prefer to write down your thoughts, create intricate designs, or add colorful artwork, this Bible gives you the freedom to explore and express yourself.

In addition to the spacious margins, the NLT Reflections Bible is known for its thicker pages. These pages are designed to minimize ink bleed-through, ensuring that your artistic creations or personal reflections won’t disturb or distract from the readability of the text. You can confidently use a variety of mediums, such as pens, markers, or even light watercolor washes, without worrying about the ink seeping through and impacting the other side of the page.

Ample journaling spacePages may be too thick for some
Thicker pages prevent bleed-through 
Durable and well-made 
Allows for personalization and creativity 

Customer Reviews

“The NLT Reflections Bible is everything I was looking for in a journaling Bible. The extra journaling space and thicker pages allow me to fully express my creativity without worrying about the ink bleeding through. It’s become an essential part of my spiritual practice.” – Sarah

“I love how well-made and durable the NLT Reflections Bible is. The thicker pages not only prevent bleed-through but also make the Bible feel sturdy and long-lasting. It’s the perfect companion for my Bible journaling journey.” – John

When it comes to Bible journaling, having the right tools is essential. The NLT Reflections Bible offers the ideal combination of journaling space and thicker pages, allowing you to explore your faith and express yourself in a visually artistic way. Whether you’re a seasoned Bible journaler or just starting out, this Bible will help take your creative journey to new heights.

Crayola Super Tips Markers: Affordable and Non-Bleeding

Crayola Super Tips Markers are a budget-friendly choice for Bible journaling, offering a wide range of colors without the worry of ink bleeding through the pages. These markers are perfect for adding vibrant and beautiful designs to your Bible, allowing you to express your creativity while reflecting on scripture.

With Crayola Super Tips Markers, you can easily create intricate and colorful artwork in your journaling Bible. The markers have a unique design that allows for both thick and thin lines, making them versatile for various lettering styles and illustrations.

One of the greatest advantages of these markers is their non-bleeding feature. You can confidently use them on even the thinnest Bible pages without the fear of ink seeping through and obscuring the text on the other side. This ensures that your artwork remains clean and legible.

Additionally, Crayola Super Tips Markers are widely available and come in a large pack with a wide range of colors, allowing you to create stunning and eye-catching designs. They are also easily washable, making any accidental marks or smudges easily removable.

  • Affordable
  • Wide range of colors
  • Non-bleeding
  • Versatile for various styles
  • Easily washable
  • Markers can dry out if not capped properly
  • Colors may appear slightly different on paper compared to the cap

In conclusion, Crayola Super Tips Markers offer an inexpensive and reliable option for Bible journaling. Their non-bleeding feature ensures clean and vibrant artwork without compromising the readability of the text. With a wide range of colors and the ability to create both thick and thin lines, these markers are a must-have for any Bible journaling enthusiast.

Micron Pens: Precision and No Bleeding

Micron Pens are a popular choice among Bible journalers for their precision in fine details and the assurance of no ink bleeding through the delicate Bible pages. These pens feature archival-quality ink that is both fade-resistant and waterproof, ensuring that your artwork remains vibrant and long-lasting.

The Micron Pens come in various tip sizes, ranging from ultra-fine 005 to bold 08, allowing you to achieve intricate and detailed designs with ease. Whether you’re adding decorative elements, doodles, or hand-lettering, the Micron Pens deliver consistent lines and crisp edges, enhancing the overall aesthetics of your Bible journaling.

With their fine tips, the Micron Pens are also suitable for writing small annotations, scripture references, or personal reflections in the margins of your Bible. The ink dries quickly, preventing smudging, and the pens are comfortable to hold, making them ideal for extended periods of journaling.

Sample Table:

005Adding intricate details
01Writing small annotations
02Creating decorative elements
05Outlining hand-lettering
08Adding bolder lines

The Micron Pens are compatible with most types of paper, including the thinner pages found in Bible journals. Their archival-quality ink ensures that there is no feathering, bleed-through, or ghosting on the page, making them a reliable choice for those who want to preserve the integrity of their Bible while adding creative touches.

When using Micron Pens in Bible journaling, it is important to consider the color and thickness of the paper. Some Bible journals may have more delicate pages that can be prone to smearing or bleeding if too much pressure is applied. Therefore, it is recommended to test the pens on a spare page or margin before applying them directly to the Bible text.

In conclusion, Micron Pens offer the perfect balance of precision, ink quality, and bleed-free performance for Bible journaling. Whether you’re a seasoned artist or a beginner, these pens provide a reliable and enjoyable experience for adding fine details, writing, and creative expressions to your faith-filled journaling journey.

Washi Tape: Decorative and Easy to Remove.

Washi Tape is a versatile and decorative tool for Bible journaling, allowing you to add colorful designs and attach various items to your pages without worrying about leaving residue or damaging the Bible. Made from Japanese rice paper, Washi Tape is easy to tear by hand and comes in a wide range of designs, patterns, and colors, making it perfect for adding a personal touch to your Bible journal.

One of the advantages of using Washi Tape in Bible journaling is its easy removability. Unlike regular adhesive tape, Washi Tape can be easily peeled off without tearing the pages or leaving any sticky residue behind. This makes it ideal for experimenting with different layouts, adding temporary decorations, or making adjustments to your artwork.

Another benefit of Washi Tape is its versatility. It can be used to create borders, frames, or dividers, separating different sections of your journaling and highlighting important passages. You can also use it to attach photos, index cards, or other flat items to your Bible pages without the need for glue or other adhesive materials.

In addition to its decorative function, Washi Tape can also be functional. You can use it as a bookmark by folding a small strip onto itself and attaching it to the edge of a page. This allows you to easily find your place and quickly access specific verses or passages in your Bible. Washi Tape can also be used as a tab or label by folding it over the edge of a page, providing a visual reference for different sections or topics.

Benefits of Washi Tape for Bible Journaling:
1. Versatile and decorative
2. Easy to remove without residue
3. Can be used for borders, frames, and dividers
4. Allows for attaching photos and other flat items
5. Functional as a bookmark, tab, or label


“Washi Tape is a game-changer for Bible journaling. It adds so much color and personality to my pages, and I love that I can easily remove or rearrange it without any damage.” – Sarah, Bible journaling enthusiast

  1. Washi Tape is versatile and decorative.
  2. It is easy to remove without leaving residue.
  3. Washi Tape can be used for borders, frames, and dividers.
  4. You can attach photos and other flat items to your Bible pages.
  5. It can also be functional as a bookmark, tab, or label.

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced Bible journalist, Washi Tape is a must-have supply for adding creativity and personalization to your journaling experience. Its easy removability and wide range of design options make it a perfect choice for expressing your faith through art.

Tips for Using Washi Tape:

  • Experiment with different patterns and colors to find your unique style.
  • Combine multiple strips of Washi Tape to create intricate designs or patterns.
  • Use scissors or a paper trimmer for clean and precise cuts.
  • Try layering Washi Tape to add depth and dimension to your pages.
  • Store your Washi Tape collection in a designated container or dispenser for easy access and organization.

Remember, Bible journaling is a personal and creative practice, and Washi Tape can be a valuable tool in bringing your artistic vision to life. Let your imagination soar as you explore the endless possibilities of Washi Tape in your Bible journaling journey.

Supplies for Bible Journaling:
NLT Reflections Bible
Crayola Super Tips Markers
Micron Pens
Washi Tape
Date Stamp
The Happy Planner Stickers
Die Cut Paper Pieces
Journaling Cards
Illustrated Faith Supplies
Sticky Notes
Paper Clips
Scrapbook Paper
Tab Punch
Tombow Brush Pens

Date Stamp: Marking Meaningful Entries

A date stamp is an invaluable tool for Bible journalers, enabling them to mark important verses or personal entries with the corresponding date, creating a sense of chronology in their spiritual journey. With a date stamp, each entry becomes a tangible reminder of the time and place where personal revelations or reflections took place. Whether it’s a verse that resonates deeply or a personal insight gained during prayer, marking these moments with a date stamp adds significance and clarity to the journaling process.

In addition to providing a sense of chronology, a date stamp allows Bible journalers to track their spiritual growth over time. By dating each entry, one can easily flip through the pages and witness the progress of their faith journey. This visual representation can be incredibly inspiring and motivating, encouraging individuals to continue their journaling practice and seek deeper connections with scripture.

To incorporate a date stamp into Bible journaling, simply select a stamp that suits your style and preferences. There are various options available, from classic date stamps with customizable dates to more decorative designs that add a touch of flair to your pages. Choose one that aligns with your aesthetic and aligns with the purpose of your journaling journey.

Table: Recommended Date Stamps

Date StampFeatures
Classic Customizable Date StampAllows you to manually adjust the date, offering flexibility and precision.
Decorative Date StampComes in various designs and styles, adding visual interest to your journal pages.
Mini Date StampA compact option for those who prefer a smaller stamp that takes up less space on the page.

Remember to use archival-quality ink to ensure the longevity of your entries. Archival ink is fade-resistant and prevents smudging, preserving the beauty of your journal pages for years to come.

By incorporating a date stamp into your Bible journaling practice, you not only add structure and organization to your entries but also create a visually captivating representation of your spiritual journey. Each date-stamped entry becomes a testament to your growth, allowing you to reflect on the milestones and moments that have shaped your faith. So, grab a date stamp and start marking your meaningful entries today.

The Happy Planner Stickers: Adding Fun to Margins

The Happy Planner Stickers are a delightful addition to Bible journaling, allowing you to infuse your pages with vibrant colors, inspiring quotes, and whimsical designs that bring joy to your faith journey. These stickers come in a wide variety of styles, themes, and sizes, making it easy to find the perfect ones to suit your personal taste and artistic vision. Whether you prefer floral patterns, motivational phrases, or cute illustrations, The Happy Planner Stickers offer endless possibilities for decorating the margins of your Bible.

With their self-adhesive backing, these stickers are easy to use and can be applied directly onto the pages of your Bible. They adhere securely, ensuring that they stay in place and do not damage the delicate paper. The removable nature of the stickers also allows you to adjust their placement or remove them entirely without leaving any residue behind.

Not only do The Happy Planner Stickers enhance the visual appeal of your Bible journaling, but they also provide a source of inspiration and encouragement. The quotes and affirmations featured on the stickers can serve as reminders of your faith and help you reflect on the messages conveyed in Scripture. Additionally, the colorful designs and illustrations can evoke positive emotions and uplift your spirit as you engage with the Word of God.

Whether you are a seasoned Bible journaler or just starting out on your creative journey, The Happy Planner Stickers are a must-have accessory for adding a touch of fun and whimsy to your margins. They offer a simple yet effective way to personalize your journaling experience and make it uniquely yours. So go ahead and let your creativity soar with The Happy Planner Stickers as you explore new ways to express your faith and deepen your connection to God’s word.

Key Features of The Happy Planner Stickers:
Wide variety of styles, themes, and sizes
Self-adhesive backing for easy application
Removable without leaving residue
Inspiring quotes and affirmations
Colorful and whimsical designs

Illustrated Faith Supplies: Specialty Products for Bible Journaling

Illustrated Faith is a renowned brand that offers a wide selection of specialty supplies tailored for Bible journaling, including stickers, scrapbook paper, and other resources that cater to the unique needs of avid Bible journalers. These specialty products are designed to enhance the artistic and creative aspects of Bible journaling, allowing individuals to express their faith in a visually impactful way.

One of the standout offerings from Illustrated Faith is their range of stickers. These stickers come in various designs and themes, from religious symbols and quotes to beautiful illustrations and patterns. They can be easily applied to Bible pages, adding an element of decoration and personalization. The stickers are made with high-quality materials, ensuring that they adhere well without damaging the pages.

Scrapbook paper is another specialty product offered by Illustrated Faith. This paper is specifically designed for Bible journaling, featuring patterns, colors, and religious motifs that complement the scripture and reflections. The scrapbook paper can be used to cover up ink bleed-through or create visually interesting backgrounds for journaling entries.

Specialty SuppliesDescription
StickersA wide variety of designs, quotes, and illustrations to decorate Bible pages.
Scrapbook PaperPatterned paper designed for Bible journaling to cover up ink bleed-through or create backgrounds.
Die CutsCute cutouts that can be glued or taped onto Bible pages for added visual interest.
Journaling CardsCards for writing Bible verses, thoughts, or quotes, which can be attached to Bible pages with washi tape.

These specialty supplies from Illustrated Faith provide Bible journalers with the tools they need to create visually stunning and meaningful journaling pages. Whether it’s adding colorful stickers to highlight important passages, using scrapbook paper to create beautiful backgrounds, or incorporating die cuts and journaling cards, these products offer endless possibilities for creative expression. With Illustrated Faith’s attention to detail and commitment to quality, these specialty supplies are sure to enhance the Bible journaling experience for both beginners and experienced artists alike.

Tombow Brush Pens: Artistic Expression and Bleed-Through Considerations

Tombow Brush Pens are favored by artistic Bible journalers for their ability to create beautiful hand-lettering and artistic expressions, but it’s important to take precautions as they have a tendency to bleed through the pages. These dual brush pens have a flexible brush tip on one end and a fine tip on the other, allowing for versatile and precise strokes.

When using Tombow Brush Pens in your Bible journaling, it’s essential to be mindful of the paper quality and thickness of your journaling Bible. Thicker, high-quality pages tend to handle the ink better and minimize bleed-through, while thinner pages may require additional precautions.

To prevent bleed-through, you can use a few techniques. First, start by testing the pens on a separate piece of paper to see how much pressure to apply and how quickly the ink absorbs. Second, consider placing a piece of cardstock or a plastic sheet under the page you are working on to act as a barrier and prevent the ink from seeping through to the following pages. And finally, try to avoid applying too much ink in one area to reduce the risk of bleed-through.

Table: Tips for Using Tombow Brush Pens in Bible Journaling

Familiarize yourself with the pensPractice using the Tombow Brush Pens on a separate piece of paper to understand how the ink flows and how much pressure to apply.
Choose the right paperOpt for a journaling Bible with thicker pages or consider using a separate art journal for your Tombow Brush Pen creations.
Use a barrierPlace a sheet of cardstock or a plastic sheet under the page you are working on to prevent bleed-through onto the next page.
Avoid excessive inkApply ink gradually and avoid saturating the paper to minimize the chance of bleed-through.

With the right precautions and techniques, Tombow Brush Pens can be a fantastic tool for adding artistic expression to your Bible journaling. Just remember to select the appropriate paper, test the pens beforehand, and apply the ink with care to maintain the integrity of your journaling Bible. Happy journaling!

Watercolors: Adding Vibrancy with Caution

Watercolors can bring vibrancy and depth to your Bible journaling pages, but it’s crucial to exercise caution to avoid wrinkling or causing ink bleed-through that may compromise the integrity of the Bible.

When using watercolors in your Bible journaling, consider these tips to ensure the best results:

  • Prep the pages: Before applying watercolors, it’s wise to prep your Bible pages with a thin layer of clear gesso. This will create a barrier between the paper and the watercolors, reducing the risk of bleed-through.
  • Use minimal water: Watercolors can be diluted with water to create different effects, but it’s important to use only a small amount of water. Too much water can cause the pages to become too wet, leading to wrinkling and bleed-through.
  • Test on a separate piece of paper: Before applying watercolors directly to your Bible, it’s a good idea to test them on a separate piece of paper to see how they behave and to practice the desired technique.
  • Work in layers: Instead of applying a heavy coat of watercolor all at once, build up the color gradually by working in layers. This will allow you to control the saturation and prevent the paper from becoming overly saturated.

Remember, the goal is to enhance your Bible journaling experience and engage with the Word of God through artistic expression. By following these tips and using watercolors with caution, you can add beautiful, vibrant touches to your Bible without compromising its integrity.

Enhance Your Bible Journaling Journey with the Perfect Supplies

Embarking on a Bible journaling journey is a beautiful way to deepen your faith, and by choosing the perfect supplies that align with your creative vision, you can truly create a unique and meaningful expression of your spiritual exploration. Bible journaling allows you to engage with scripture on a creative level, combining art and personal reflections to bring the pages of your journaling Bible to life.

When it comes to choosing the best Bible journaling supplies, there are a wide variety of options available to suit different preferences and styles. From journaling Bibles with ample space for your artistic expressions to markers that add vibrant colors without bleeding through, the choices are endless!

Consider starting with a NLT Reflections Bible, known for its generous journaling space and thicker pages. This provides a sturdy foundation for your creativity. Crayola Super Tips Markers are another excellent choice with their affordability and non-bleeding properties, while Micron Pens offer precision and no bleeding for fine detail work in your Bible journal.

For decorative elements, Washi Tape is a versatile option that adds a splash of color without damaging the pages, while The Happy Planner Stickers offer a fun and creative way to decorate the margins of your Bible. Illustrated Faith Supplies also offers a range of specialty products specifically designed for Bible journaling, allowing you to explore your creativity with confidence.

Remember to exercise caution when using more advanced supplies such as Tombow Brush Pens and watercolors. Although these can bring a new level of artistic expression to your journaling, it’s important to be mindful of potential bleed-through and wrinkling of the delicate Bible pages.

Ultimately, the best supplies for your Bible journaling journey are the ones that resonate with your personal style and creative preferences. Whether you prefer simple and minimalistic or bold and vibrant, there is no right or wrong way to journal in your Bible. Let your creativity flow and allow your journey through the scriptures to be a truly unique and personal experience.